Jaco Beach massage

Most popular procedures:


Sport Massage


Couples Massage


Nothing Like Love said the relaxation gift. What better gift to give way to share ESE Our attractive gift for couples. It is what has come to expect from massage Heights but in larger frameworks of rooms with 2 tables with 2 signature therapists … Everyone works in you. Work synchronously, experience orchestrate therapist knew partnership by two Make rejuvenated relaxed. It is a way for both Belle to relax, escape, relive … together.


Sport Massage


Sports massage can be characterized by feedback means: pre-activity as activity and massages. Pre-activity using dynamic stretching to allow the connective tissue to work through a full range of motion, reducing the risk of injury f. post-event massage focuses on the recovery of muscle tissue, which may have been affected Playing sports in particular. If you try long strokes to eliminate toxins that cause pain in muscles and joints.

Deep Tissue


deep tissue massage releases chronic stress patterns in the body through slow movements no finger pressure in the areas of Contracted DEPTH, or go through the muscles follow beans, tendons, fascia there. deep tissue, which is not the most Centra is also deeper layers of muscle tissue is called. You can help reduce pain, increase range of motion Will, relieve muscle spasm and improve circulation.


Relaxing Massage

Lymphatic Drainage

Aromatherapy Massage

Hotstone Massage

Reflexology Massage


Welcome to Our Website, Costa Rica. The Spa or Home Service (founded in 2008) was one of the first Health Destination online in Jaco Beach.
We have developed and perfected specialized programs in Cleansing Detox, Weight Loss, Relaxing, Sport Massage.

  • Relaxing Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Couples Massage
  • Sport Massage

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