Relaxing Massage Benefits
The relaxing massage has both physical and emotional benefits our health because it provides a soothing sensation, dissipate tensions and concerns in our daily lives, such as work at home, in the office, in our social lives and even our love life we are under pressure, emotions, tensions of all these things every day is a great partner to help produce or increase stress.


Understanding and answer any questions you would possibly have about the importance of therapeutic massage and massage advantages in addition to integrating those into your daily lifestyles. Massage can, and need to, be an crucial part of your healthy and properly-rounded lifestyle. Jaco Massage health centers are right here for you…

Relaxing massage

Relaxing Massage is one of the most requested in our times. Although it seems simple therapy should be performed with care, attention and dedication, achieving different changes that benefit our body, mind and spirit. It is a specific massage that acts on the nervous system and psychological stress management. It is characterized by a slow cadence, with a uniform density is applied throughout the body in order to eliminate minor aches and pains caused by physical effort out of the ordinary.


Relaxing Massage

60 Minutes Relaxing Massage


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Sport Massage

This is a 60 Minutes Massage


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Lymphatic Drainage

1/2 Hour, A tip to stimulate


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Deep tissue

1 Hour, Massage


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Reflexology Massage

45 Minutes


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Aromatherapy Massage

1 Hour, Aromatherapy massage


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Reductive Massage

This treatment is ideal for getting rid of unwanted localized fat


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