Relaxing Massage

What is a relaxing massage?

Relaxing massage is a millennial manual technique that exists in almost all cultures. Although in some it has deepened more in him as it is the case of the orientals, reason why their schools of massages are very known and appreciated.

There are a variety of techniques, but almost all have very soft passages in common and an almost pleasant relaxation process. Unlike therapeutic massages that work in very sensitive areas of problems to treat, with which it is sometimes inevitable to produce more pain to heal.

How a relaxing massage can help
The main and fundamental function of the relaxing massage, as the name implies, is to relax, not to cure ailments, although indirectly they cause an improvement of the light muscular problems:

It helps stressed people.
It relieves anyone who suffers from an anxiety process.
The contact that provides a relaxing massage is also very beneficial for people with depression.
For people who spend many hours sitting or standing and may have mild traffic or water retention problems, passes stimulate these problems.
If you learn the basics to do at home, it improves communication with the couple and the relationship in general.
It helps relieve minor muscular pains such as back pain, cervicalgia, etc. (In case the therapeutic massage is not better).

Contraindications of relaxing massage.
The relaxing massage, not being aggressive, has no contraindications in itself, but there are cases in which it is not recommended to apply it. For example: abstain from people with lymphatic cancer because it can facilitate the movement of malignant cells in the lymphatic flow to other areas.

In case of hypotension and lack of tension, this type of manual therapy has a very useful hypotensive effect in case of hypertension but totally negative in the other case. And logically when there are skin lesions or contagious fungi by contact.

How is a relaxing massage session?
Normally, a relaxing massage session is performed on a stretcher or tatami with the least possible clothes and the patient covered with towels. Usually, an oil is applied to soften the passages of the hands that may contain gasoline or not.

With soft music and relaxing bass volume that accompanies the session or quietly. The masseuse will use very soft passes, perhaps in some cases a little deeper, but trying not to be bored. The entire session lasts approximately 40 minutes or approximately 1 hour.

Our advice
There are different types of relaxing massages and some are more specific. For example, some may also deal with specific topics. Like lymphatic drainage that, in addition to relaxation, has other effects on health and silhouette.

We recommend that you consult the “Therapies” section in the “Massage Techniques” section, where you will find information on other types of relaxing or therapeutic massages.

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